The “T” in LGBT


Do you think the “T” in LGBT should be dropped? Do you think it belongs? These are questions that have been on the forefront of society lately. The “T” has been included in this group for well over 20 years so why would we drop it now when we continue to add more to the spectrum. The rationale behind the people who want the “T” dropped is that the Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual (LGB) represent sexual orientation and “T” stands for gender. Yes this may be true, but how does that automatically seclude us from being represented in this portion of society. Just because we are transgender doesn’t mean we don’t also identify as LGB. Many trans individuals are also LGB as well as identified in the LGB spectrum prior to transitioning.

Transgender people represent so much more than just Female to Male (FTM) and Male to Female (MTF). It also represents genderqueer, gender non-conforming, agender, non-binary, and so many more people. You can’t simply just wipe a vast amount of people out of a group because it doesn’t fit in with some people’s ideology. Trans is something that is more on the forefront in today’s society which is a good thing, but some people feel that it is taking away from the LGB movement. The problem is its not just a “T” movement or an LGB movement its an LGBT all inclusive movement. Just because people are recognizing trans people now doesn’t mean the LGB’s are being left behind. If anything us being recognized will now push the whole LGBT agenda forward.

As a transgender person that prior to starting my transition identified as a lesbian can tell you first hand that the LGB community isn’t as welcoming to me as they used to be. I ask myself is it because they think I deserted my identity or that I am no longer that woman they thought I was. For me I still identify as queer so I feel like I am still represented on the LGB spectrum whether I was trans or not. Just because I identify as a man doesn’t mean I am any less a part of this group than I was prior to me transitioning. By detaching one of our own aren’t we being as bad as the people who hate on us and don’t think we should be included in normal society?

As society progresses forward we need to stand together as a united LGBT group and stand for human rights because in reality that is what we are fighting for. So that we are all treated equal no matter our gender or sexual orientation. Lets not put people down instead lets stand up to the people who hate on us and fight them. They are the people we should be fighting against not against our own. I’m proud to be trans and I was just as proud to be a lesbian. I don’t take my identity for granted, nor do I walk around with a chip on my shoulder expecting everything from everyone just because I am not a straight white man. Be true to yourself through this journey in life and cherish what you have.


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