Hate in the Trans Community


Hate in any community is terrible, but when it happens in a community you are part of it always seems worse than others because you are directly affected by it. Being part of the LGBTQ community I have encountered a lot of hate from outside the community as well as inside the community. When I identified as a lesbian it was lesbians against gays and vice versa. I find the hatred to be even worse in the trans community. I’m not really sure why its worse in the trans community and maybe its my own perception, but I feel like its worse in the trans community than it was for me in the lesbian community. The hatred isn’t just transmen against transwomen it’s also transmen against transmen and transwomen against transwomen. We are all apart of the same community and should be supporting one another through our journeys whether they be easy or hard. People let envy and jealousy take over their thoughts and it gets in the way of how they truly feel about someone. The envy and jealousy turns to hate towards someone when you should be happy for that person instead of hateful towards them.

I personally had not experienced this type of hatred being trans until this last week which made me want to write this post. I recently posted on a social media website an update on my transition, not expecting a response from anyone on it just simply giving an update on my journey. A couple of days later I got a very nasty comment from a transwoman that stated that transmen think they are under represented in the trans community and we need to get over it. That we are all full of ourselves and that all we care about is male privilege. They went on to say that I should give up trying to be a man because I would never amount to what it takes to be a “true” man. When I read this my mouth dropped to the floor. To be perfectly honest I was flabbergasted by such a rude and uneducated comment from someone who didn’t even know me. The hate towards me was insatiable and this person couldn’t think of anything better to do, but hate on someone else. You expect these kinds of things from the cis community typically due to a lack of understanding on their end, but from someone within my own trans community was just more than I could even begin to imagine. I didn’t know how to respond to this person at that moment so I waited a couple of days to respond until I had my thoughts together. I simply told them that they were ignorant and need to educate themselves on transmen. Also that they shouldn’t hate on someone that is within their own community. They never did respond back to me after my comment, but I had a great response from other people in the community on backing me up and encouraging me to keep going with my transition.

Whether you understand something or someone or not you should never jump to your own conclusions about them. Trust me I know this is something that the human race does most of the time without the person even realizing it. We jump to our own assumptions about something or someone typically based on how we were raised and the environment we lived in or currently live in. This is not the way we should handle anything especially things we don’t understand. Ask questions, obviously appropriate questions, but ask questions so that you can become knowledgeable on the topic you don’t understand. This way if you become knowledgeable about the topic you can educate someone else on it. The more people understand things the better off our society is as a whole. For me I have been educating people on transgender information. A lot of people I have run into have had no knowledge of what transgender even means let alone knowing anymore about the topic. Considering I am trans I feel like the best knowledge comes from the people within that community at least that is where I went when I first started figuring out if I was trans or not.

Regardless of what community you are in hate is not good nor should we partake in it. Stop hating on people within your own community and those outside your community. If we are hating on people in our own community how do you expect people to see our community. People already don’t understand or like the trans community so why go hating on each other we have enough haters out there as it is. Instead embrace each other differences and all. Come together as one and be there to support the community as a whole. This is extremely important in today’s society especially the month of June since its pride month. Encourage each other, love each other, carry each other threw the good and bad, listen, and just be there for someone.


One thought on “Hate in the Trans Community

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    Words of advice for any community…hating what you do not understand or that which makes you feel uncomfortable does a disservice not only to the people you direct that negative perception onto but to yourself…how can people see the good in oneself if all there is is words of irrationality


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